Pacific Purification Inc.,

was created in 2004 to expand and augment the water filtration and treatment division of our parent company Dougherty Pump & Drilling, Inc. Over seventy years ago Dougherty Pump & Drilling, Inc. began serving Central California customers wells and water systems. Our goal today remains the same as when we first began over seventy years ago, to serve our customers with the same excellent customer service, dedication, and creativity for their water treatment systems.

Water Softeners

  • Large Residential Water Softeners
  • High Efficiency Low salt Water Softeners
  • Twin Alternating system – Never run out

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Reverse Osmosis, Nano, & U.F. Units

  • High Efficiency R.O. Units
  • Custom Built R.O. Units
  • High Capacity R.O.
  • U.F Membrane Units
  • Nano Membrane Units

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Commercial - Industrial - Residential

  • Ion Exchange
  • Anion Exchange
  • MultiMedia Filters
  • Customized Projects

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Air Purification

  • What is in the air we breathe?
  • Air purification systems for cleaning airborne particles, micro-organisms, and gases for a healthier indoor air environment

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